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Learn how the Foundation provides excellence beyond the basics to the students and employees in the Warrensburg School District.

Read what some of the Foundation's donors and teachers say about why your support matters.
We invite you to join our family of donors as we endeavor to secure the future for the mission of the Foundation.

Foundation Happenings

The Warrensburg Schools Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of thirteen student scholarships awarded May 19, 2017.
The Foundation's sponsors, golfers, and volunteers enjoyed a beautiful day at Mules National Golf Course on June 9th.
The Warrensburg Schools Foundation hosted the 29th Annual Academic Excellence Awards Banquet on June 15th.
Receiving the Warrensburg Schools Foundation Scholarship meant so much to my family and me, as it allowed a financial reprieve from the cost of continuing my education. Our teachers' passion for education extends beyond their own classrooms, and the Foundation's support provides excellence opportunities for our teachers to pursue further knowledge, which is then passed on to our students. Thank you for supporting your educators!
- Dr. Holly Jennings, WSF Teacher Scholarship Recipient
Everything we do - especially with the Foundation - rolls back to the kids. A donation will improve the lives and education of our students.
- Mrs. Jennifer Fowler, WSF Teacher Scholarship Recipient
Your scholarship has helped me tremendously and has gotten me this much closer to my goal. I have just finished my first semester, and am proud to be able to tell you that I have earned an A in all of my classes. I appreciate your help to so many students like myself.
- Kathryn Smith, WSF Student Scholarship Recipient
We are so fortunate as teachers to have the Classroom Impact Grants available for our classrooms. I honestly felt like my students won the lottery when we found out we received our grant. The process is so easy, and the rewards are so great.
- Mr. Scott Maple, Classroom Impact Grant Recipient